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Played DOTA 2 For The First Time

Last week, I got myself a free DOTA 2 Close Beta Test key from Alienware Arena. I've played DOTA before but I was never really into it. I played it a few times and that was it. It was a very interesting game but I never got hooked on it.

After getting my Close Beta Test key from Alienware Arena. I immediately logged-in to my STEAM account and used it to add DOTA 2 to my library of STEAM games which includes Blacklight: Retribution, APB: Reloaded and Star Trek Online. I think it took me at least four hours to download and install DOTA 2.

I played it after STEAM finished installing it and my first game was a cooperative game. I played with a few other human players against computer controlled bots and it wasn't a very nice first time experience. Everyone in my team was raging against me and it was very understandable because I literally didn't know what I was doing.

Eventually, I quit the match because their rage turned to hate and they were all over me. I was hoping that I could learn by playing with other players because, that way, I could ask them for help but it kinda didn't turn out the way I expected.

In the end, I ended up playing by myself which is what I should have done in the first place. Well, I thought I could learn quickly by playing with other players immediately but I was wrong. Playing by myself was still the best way to learn how to play the game.

He he he!

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  1. My cousins tried to get me into DoTA way back, about 5 years ago. I never really caught the flu, and stuck with first-person shooters. I suppose it's nice to watch, but you won't catch me sitting down playing this :P

    1. it's nice game to pass the time with... I wouldn't also spend that much time playing DOTA 2...


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