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New Device/System to Ban Copybot Viewers Released, an alternative online marketplace for Second Life, posted on their Twitter account about a new system or device that can detect and ban those who use copybot viewers like Neillife and others. The device is called [GEMINI Cybernetics] Client Detection System / CDS Ban Relay 1.9 and it claims that it can detect and ban anyone who uses a copybot viewer.

This new device or system is NOT FREE and uses a licensing fee structure. For example, the license fee to use the system for a month would cost you 700L$. Think of it like a subscription. It’s like paying a monthly subscription fee to use the system. Does it work? Unfortunately, I have no idea but if you are interested in such a device or system then you can learn more about it on and on
Will I buy this new device or system? Unfortunately, NO!

According to a forum post by Couldbe Yue in

“This item steals the data of anyone who enters the parcel where it is running – including pc data – it is done without the knowledge or consent of the person -guilty or innocent. According to Skills anyway.

If you read the so called “privacy” policy, skills will then do whatever she wants with it – including selling it on to marketers.”

If this is true then I don’t think risking my personal data and information is worth the protection it claims to give. Although, the creator claims in the FAQ of the device that it only records the avatar key of those detected and caught using illegal viewers, trusting someone who was allegedly banned for copybotting (true or not) is kinda difficult for me to do specially when the device is supposed to protect you from copybotters. LOL! Ironic isn’t it.

For now, I’m giving this device/system the benefit of the doubt but if you wish to personally try it out then do so. No one is stopping anyone from buying and trying out this system. Besides, it’s your money not mine. LOL! Just remember that Second Life now has a firm policy on Third Party Viewers which explicitly calls out copybot viewers.

By the way, the creator of CDS (Client Detection System) is also a member of the Emerald Team. I don’t know if that adds anything to CDS trust level but, if I remember correctly, the creator of CryoLife was also a member of the Emerald Team. I just don’t know if he is still with them though.

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