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Where To Get NeilLife?

Looking for NeilLife? Want to know where to get NeilLife? Apparently, NeilLife’s blog where updates and news about it were posted was removed or deleted by One Second Life related blog said that the Emerald Team had something to do with the removal of NeilLife’s blog from

Members of the Emerald client faction claimed a partial victory after the conflict has spilled over into the blog-o-sphere. Taking a break from working in their volunteer GPL code factory, the Emeralds filed complaints against “Secondlife Neillife Open Source” ( and blew up the NeilLife faction’s propaganda arm. The Secondlife Neillife Open Source site no longer exists, except in the Google cache – because Google almost never forgets. – NeilLife Blog Blown Up

But is NeilLife really gone? Or is it still being distributed? Well, one Second Life related blog just posted a download link to NeilLife 7.0 which means NeilLife isn’t really gone and, maybe, it’s still being distributed through other blogs (and even through Second Life related forums or communities).
Now for the question, where to get NeilLife? I’m not quite sure how to answer that. I’m pretty sure that Neil is alive and if he is alive or living then me must already have a life. Getting him a new life would be very difficult specially when he is already in his Second Life. Unless, of course, his Second Life turned out to be a bad life then he could probably try a Third Life instead. Hmmm? That didn’t seem to make any sense at all. T_T

Seriously, there is a much better viewer than NeilLife for Second Life. This viewer, just like NeilLife, has text chat, voice chat, building tools, etc. It is more stable than NeilLife and implements new features that are not yet available in other viewers like NeilLife. Best of all, Skills Hak Gemini Client Detection System (CDS) can’t touch it (it’s undetectable, LOL). In fact, it sends Skills Hak and CDS back to scripting school. That’s just how freaking awesome this viewer is.

If you are interested in this kick ass viewer that is 100 times better than NeilLife then simply download it HERE!

Please note that this awesome viewer is for the Second Life virtual world. You must have an account in Second Life to use this awesome viewer. Click on the link below to create an account and join Second Life:

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