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CopyBotter Put Up A Blog

Copybotters are really getting more and more blatant and open with their copybotting activities in Second Life. I guess they feel that Linden Labs doesn’t really care about content theft and copybotting in general making them feel more confident to continue with what they’re doing. This morning, my time, I stumbled upon a blog created by a CopyBotter. In this blog, he gives away what he has copybotted for free. How? By allowing visitors to download the XML file of these copybotted objects.

Importing objects from an XML file back to Second Life is as easy as uploading a texture. Of course, you’ll have to use a viewer that has that feature enabled like Meerkat or [Greenlife Emerald].

The blog was able to offer for free download the XML files of a few very nice creations in Second Life. I don’t know if the creators of these builds know that their creations are being offered for free to the public or not but I do know that this blog is now suspended by for violating its TOS. Wow! Maybe should take over Second Life from Linden Labs.

For those curious, below are the images of the builds that were offered for FREE to the public.

If you are the creator of any of these builds then I suggest that you file a support ticket to Linden Labs to have them blacklisted in-world. Having them blacklisted will make any illegal copies of it unusable by anyone.

Update: Copybotter’s new website was taken down again for the third time and his twitter account was also suspended.

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