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Second Life’s Age Verification Made Easy

Today Linden Labs released the latest version of their viewer for Second Life and, that’s not all, they also launched their newest continent, Zindra. Zindra is an Adult rated continent accessible to those residents who age verified their Second Life accounts. If your account is not Age Verified as an adult then you won’t be able to visit Zindra.

The Age Verification process is quite easy to do but, still, many residents are getting a hard time age verifying their accounts. If you are one of those that are having some difficulty age verifying your account using your real life information then here is an easy way to get age verified.
I found out about this trick through a post at’s forum by one of the members. It seems that Second Life does not actually check the information you enter in the Age Verification form with your existing Second Life account information. This means that you can use anyone’s personal information in the Age Verification form, submit it and if its valid then it would be successful and you’ll be age verified. You’ll find a much clearer explanation of this here, SL Verification (Age & Payment) – Issues and Information.

If you are too lazy to click another link then below is the part that you need to know to easily Age Verify.

Easy to acquire information of a US driver’s license

Either from friends/family, or the web (Googling using Google Images for driver’s license/licence can provide anyone with the details required to verify an Aristotle entry, e.g Elvis Presley). The Aristotle system only claims to verify that information exists and Linden Lab claim in their FAQ, “Absolutely no personal information that is supplied for age verification is stored or otherwise retained by Linden Lab or its verification partner Aristotle-Integrity.”

Examples that successfully verify:

Elvis Presley / Graceland / 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard / Memphis / United States / Tennesse / (Zip Code) 38116 / (DOB) Jan 8 1935 / (Driver’s License) 2571459

Tupac Shakur / 7660 Beverley Boulevard / Los Angeles / United States / California / (Zip Code) 90036 / (DOB) June 16 1971 / (Driver’s License) A7746771

Mohamed Ata / 10001 W Atlantic Blvd / Coral Springs / United States / Florida / (Zip Code) 33071 / (DOB) 09-01-68 / (Driver’s License) R01015020258

Richard Todd Davis / (DOB) 2 Nov 1940 / SSN 457-55-5462 (possible example)

So, if you are still having problems or difficulty age verifying your accounts then just use the information above to get yourselves age verified.

Update: I think Linden Labs is already blocking the names mentioned here.

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