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Fatality Guild

When I started playing Cabal Online, I never intended to join any guild. I think I denied a few invites before accepting the invite from the GL (Guild Leader) of Fatality Guild, FzEjhay. I don’t know who FzEjhay was and I have no idea what the guild was about but I accepted his invite because he was polite enough to approach me and ask me if I would like to join Fatality.

The Guild Leader of Fatality showed that he has great character which is very much lacking in today’s online gamers. None of the other players who invited me to join their guild did that. All I got from them was the guild invite message which I eventually declined.

As a member of Fatality, I am one of the silent ones. Mainly because most of the members are half my age and most of the time I can’t relate to what they’re talking about so I just read what they’re discussing. Besides, I always keep my chat window close anyway. LOL!

As for the way I play, nothing changed! I still like to go SOLO, from hunting items to leveling, because I kinda find it more challenging. Joining a guild didn’t change that.

The only exceptions would be, 1. Guild Wars and 2. Nation Wars which I’m really looking forward to specially the Nation Wars.

The guild, Fatality, is a follower of Procyon and because of that, I had to join Procyon as well. Anyway, both sides, Procyon and Capella, are the same although I’ve read that there are a few differences between the two but as long as I can get to join the Nation War when it comes out then it doesn’t matter which side I’m in.

Anyway, I have no regrets in joining this guild and I think this is one of the best guilds in Cabal Online Philippines.

To learn more about Fatality, please visit Fatality’s Guild Thread at e-Games PH Forum.

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