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Earn2Life + Your Profile Picks = Linden Dollars

Earn2Life just added a new way for everyone to earn Linden Dollars and that is by simply adding Earn2Life’s Office to your Profile Picks. Adding locations to Profile Picks and getting paid for it is a new (well not so new) way to earn linden dollars. It is popularly known as Profile Picks Camping and it started when Linden Labs changed Second Life’s in-world search feature. You see the new search takes into consideration the number of residents that added a certain location to their Profile Picks. If you have a place in Second Life then the more people that add your place to their Profile Picks the better your placement will be in the search results. That is why many locations in Second Life are starting to join the Profile Picks Camping bandwagon.

Now, let’s go back to Earn2Life. Of course, to qualify for payment you must first add Earn2Life’s location into your Profile Picks. You do this by going to Earn2Life’s Office at Vargas (36, 223, 33). Once there, look for a sign that says “Get Paid For Adding This Location To Your Profile Picks”.

Touch it for information. It will give you a notecard explaining how the program works and you’ll also see some instructions in the chat window.


To get paid by this Picks Camping device, you must first add this location to your Profile Picks.

Use the main menu at the top of your screen and select: Edit->Profile then Picks->New and select OK

Make sure your profile is also set to “Show in Search“.

You must keep this location in your profile picks for a month, although you can often get paid before this month is completed.

If you remove this location from your Profile Picks within the month, then you will not get paid again here and you may be banned from using any picks camping systems on the grid if you try to cheat by removing the picks entry and adding it back later.

After adding this location to your Profile Picks, please come back after 24 hours and click the device again for further instructions and to get paid. After that you can come back each month to get paid again, but you must not remove the Picks entry!

So, all you have to is add Earn2Life’s Office location to your Profile Picks, return after 24 hours to get your initial payment, keep the location in your Profile Picks and get paid every month afterwards. It’s that simple!!!

By the way, don’t forget to sign-up with Earn2Life to earn more Linden Dollars by completing offers.

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