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HodgePodge Mag’s Avatars Who Care

The latest issue of HodgePodge Magazine is out and in this issue there is a section titled “Avatars Who Care”. I blogged about it last November, 2007 and I kinda read it the wrong way too. LOL!

Avatars Who Care

A brief info of what “Avatars Who Care” is, it’s about recognizing those avatars who had contributed to some extent in various fields like business, fashion, arts, etc. It’s supposed to be published in the December issue of HodgePodge but it was moved to January. Anyway, I was at my place when I noticed that the vendor Isadora sent through the Filipino group wasn’t working. Checking past group notices, I found out that she sent a working replacement so, I took that and replaced the non-working vendor. Of course, I took a copy and besides it’s FREE! By the way, you read a Second Life magazine by wearing it. It will attach as a HUD and you browse the pages by clicking on it.

I wasn’t really reading it, I was like skimming through the pages looking at the pretty pictures. LOL! When I got to the “Avatars Who Care” section, I was surprised to see my avatar’s, Rom Ireton, face and name on the page together with Chino Yalin, a Filipino Second Life Celebrity, and Maelstrom Baphomet. My initial reaction was “WOW”!

I never expected for my avatar to be in such an illustrious list of honor and recognition because what I do in Second Life, and here in my blog, is just something that I like to do. I like to blog about the places I visit, the things I do, the camping spots I find and the other things that I find interesting in Second Life like earning linden dollars. If people find something useful in what I post here then that’s enough for me, that’s why being on that list is a very, very BIG SURPRISE!

I would like to give a BIG thanks to Isadora Fiddlesticks and to the entire staff of HodgePodge Magazine for the recognition. If you wish to learn who the others are, like Cherlindrea Lamont of Fabulously Free, then you just have to grab a copy of HodgePodge Magazine’s latest issue. A vendor is available at my place, 3 Stars and a Sun, and it’s FREE!

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