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Carpe Diem, English Server - UK

Finally, I received my Invitation Key Code to Carpe Diem's Beta Test Server. I've downloaded Carpe Diem's installation file which is quite very small for a game like this. It's only 250MB. Here are some screenshots I took from the game. Enjoy!

I played the game for about 10 hours (rough estimate) in 3 days and I was able to reach level 21. As always, my character of choice is a Knight.

Character creation is very easy and has a nice, colorful interface too. you can choose from 3 races; Human, Dragonblood or Fey. Humans and Dragonbloods have males and females but Feys are a female only race. After creating my character I got transported into the game world where I was greeted by a bunch of other players that were busy killing chickens. Yes! Killing chickens! I kinda joined them and gained a few levels and some items too.

The interface is easy enough to use and the game guide is just a click away. If you have some questions then you can click on the Game Guide button to find the answer although the Game Guide is not as comprehensive as we would want it to be but still it's a big help for newbies.

Strolling around town you'll find other characters/players, NPCs and some unclaimed pets wandering freely. There are 3 kinds of pets in Carpe Diem; Horse for Humans, Minotaurs for Dragonbloods and Bears for Feys. You need to be atleast level 10 to claim a pet. With that in mind, I went out of town and killed a lot of Wolves which looked like a LaWolf found in Flyff. Reaching level 10 I went back to town to find an NPC named Clouzer which would promote me to a Knight and teach me some basic skills which includes the Riding Skill that'll enable me to ride and capture a pet.

Levelling is not much of a grind but the hunting areas are designated and limited making players crowd a certain hunting area although monsters respawn quite fast but if there will be thousand of players then there will be some major bottlenecking.

Mounted combat is what sets Carpe Diem apart from other MMORPGs. You can ride and fight or you can dismount and fight on foot. Also, being mounted gives you some combat bonus but you won't be able to use some of your skills.

Carpe Diem has a good crafting system worth exploring. I wasn't able to try much of it since I was to busy levelling my character but I was able to refine and forge a few.

The graphics feel a little dated. The textures are not that smooth. It's like a cross between Legend of Ares and Flyff. The effects didn't really amaze me and that goes for the sounds too.

Gameplay? If you've played other MMORPGs then you've played Carpe Diem except for the mounted combat and other stuff added to it. Anyway, Open Beta is next week and if I still have access then I'll continue playing and maybe reach level 50 and get myself a Unicorn. For now, I urged everyone to give Carpe Diem a try! Why not? It's free until it goes Commercial!

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