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Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online
Today I spent 6 hours playing Eudemons Online. Eudemons Online is a Free 2 Play MMORPG and like all F2P games they have an item shop or an item mall but you don't have to spend anything to play and/or enjoy Eudemons Online. In my 6 hours of non-stop playing I was able to reach level 27 and here are some screenshots of my adventure in Eudemons Online.

Eudemons Online

Title: Eudemons Online
Publisher: NetDragon Websoft Inc.
Developer: NetDragon Websoft Inc.
Access: Free 2 Play

What is Eudemon Online?

Some information from the official website:

The Eudemons Online is a fantasy MMORPG. In this mythic world, you can choose to become a Warrior, Mage and Paladin. Command your heroes and eudemons to adventure on the vast land of Atlantis and challenge the power of sword and magic.

In Eudemons Online, hundreds of weapons and spirit gems can be yours. Only the believer and the protector can have them. Make weapons of your own and bring their power into full play!

Grouping, mentoring and rewarding and other various systems guarantee the Eudemons Online highly interactive and full of fun!

What makes Eudemons Online unique are the eudemons. Eudemons are monster like pets that assist you in combat. Unlike with other MMORPG where you must first gain a required level to have acquire a pet in Eudemon Online you'll start with 2 pet monsters on your side. My character is a warrior and I have 2 WarriorAtkDef eudemons when I started now at level 27 I have 7 eudemons assisting me in combat. Also, you can converge with your eudemon to become much stronger. Converging is like combining with your eudemon to become one. You'll damage stronger and become tougher.

Death! Arrggghhhh!

In Eudemons Online death means losing a lot of items. Yes! If you die a lot of your items will drop for everyone else to pick up. I died twice, the first time was not to irritating because the items I dropped were returned to me by a partymate who picked them up but I wasn't so lucky the second time, my new partymate looted everything then disappeared.

Leveling Fast!

Reaching your character's next level isn't much of a grind. You can go solo and still level-up fast. Your XP Skill will even boost your experience gain faster and don't forget that your eudemons are there to help you kill faster. Also, the mentor system will increase your exp. gain by 20%.

Lots of Monsters to Kill

Monsters are everywhere and they respawn fast too. You can find a group of monsters to kill and then just wait because they'll respawn right back. I was able to level-up my new eudemons this way.


This game is not for cry babies because once your character reaches level 30 then you are free to kill. Yes, anyone can kill you. You can even be killed inside towns. So always keep your guard up.

Messy Screen

Eudemons Online's GUI (graphic user interface) is not very neat. It has too many stuff on it. Chat messages at the bottom, some system messages appear on top, GM messages appear somewhere in the middle, etc. Anyway, I did not notice it that much, I guess I was so busy slaying monsters.

Dated! No Angle??? Diablo? Maybe!

Eudemons Online's graphics is dated but not prehistoric and the game looks 3D but you can't change camera angles just like with MU Online. You can zoom in and out, though! Not being able to rotate or change camera angle is a bit annoying and at time irritating especially when you are behind an object bigger than your character. There's no eye candy in Eudemon Online but it still looks better than Legend Ares (I just wish the camera can be rotated).

Music? SFX???

To be honest, I turned off the music. I just don't feel Eudemon's music.

The best part of all!

The best part of Eudemons Online is that it's free. Yup! You don't have to spend anything to enjoy Eudemons Online. I must confess, in my 6 hours of playing Eudemon Online I had fun. I partied with some other players which I enjoyed and the urge to continue playing was starting to build up but of course I have to stop myself before I get addicted, hehehehe!

My Ratings for Eudemons Online
Role Playing 7
Fun Factor 7


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