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Flyff Scam Sites

My nephew loss his access to his Flyff account today because he was tricked by a Flyff website that claims they can boost stats by editing your characters in Flyff. I was too late to tell him that it's not true and it's only a scam. He had already entered and sent his account information. :(

After the incident, I immediately posted a warning at Philippine Flyff's Official Board about this type of website. I did not mention nor I place a link to the scam site because I don't want more players to go there. My warning was to be very careful of such websites and to never give out their usernames and passwords to anyone not even to pFlyff GMs because GMs will never ask for it but I was met with hostility by two forum members and even implied negative ideas about my warning.

One of them even said that the GMs should track my IP so that they can catch who's behind those sites clearly implying that I have something to do with those sites. My nephew got hacked, loss his account and I tried to do the best thing I can and that is to warn them about such websites and in return I was met with hostility.

I felt that these forumers don't want other Flyff players to be warned and if so, why? Are they behind these scam sites?

Most of Flyff players are kids below 18 and they should always be reminded not to fall for such tricks! My nephew is still playing Flyff but now he has to start from scratch once again!

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  1. And lets not forget the aholes who offer to sell penya for cash and then dont deliver. An excellent example of the bad scam ripoff site is who not only steal peoples money but also stole the text for thir website, spelling mistakes and original name included, so they can stand up their fraud flyff penya scam faster.


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