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Last Chaos, my first look!

Registered, downloaded, installed and played Last Chaos up to level 10 yesterday and here is my quick look at this beautiful game. Beautiful? Yes, it is beautiful, a true eye candy and the female avatars look very hot!

A quick background of the game:

Last Chaos is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game) set in the continent of Iris.

In the world of Last Chaos, alliances and betrayals continually cause endless wars, its people doing whatever they can to survive the chaos. Players acquire the bravery, ability and talent to become the true emperor of the continent, Iris, by accomplishing missions for the unification of Iris and experiencing adventures in the huge and unknown world.

Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where thousands of players can simultaneously be connected and upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures and quests with other fellow adventurers.

Will you take your destiny as the unifying ruler of Iris.

I got my activation e-mail after waiting for many hours. It was announced in Last Chaos' website that their servers were receiving tons of request which was causing the enormous delay in sending all the activation e-mails. Eventually, I got it and I immediately loaded up Last Chaos and entered to play.

Creating a Character

In creating a character you'll be greeted by a battle scene as the camera moves to where the characters are. There are 5 classes to choose from, a Titan, a Knight, a Healer, a Mage and a Rogue. Can you guess which class I chose? He he he... Of course, my all time favorite, the ultimate class, the best of them all, the one and only class for me, the KNIGHT! Customizing your character is limited to face and hair selection and once you've named your character then it's good to go.

Your Personal Hell

Once your character is created then you are now ready to enter Last Chaos! You'll start inside what is called a Personal Dungeon. This is equivalent or almost the same as instancing in other mmorpgs like Guild Wars and CoX. You must explore the dungeon and fight the undead before you can get out. Monsters inside the dungeon have a cool way of spawning, they appear from the ground, from the wall or drop from the ceiling. COOOOOOL! At the end of the dungeon is the exit, get to the end and you'll enter Randor.

Life in the City

Once I was out of the dungeon what I did next was explore the city. The city was huge and very well created. Movement is done by using the mouse. I kept clicking around looking at the beautifully done surrounding. I also visited each NPCs and there are a lot of them so I suggest that you visit them all too.

After that, I noticed a small flashing icon on the bottom right side of my screen. Whoa! It's a quest! Actually, you'll have your first quest while you are still inside the dungeon. I believe that quest are unlocked at each level up and they have level limits so be aware of that. We don't want to miss a single quest! Well, at least for me, I love doing quests so I don't like missing any.

The quest are your typical kill monsters, get the loot and return to sender, errr, NPC. Also, in the beginning there are quest that will introduce you to the other things you can do in Last Chaos and that are farming, mining and absorving. I haven't really explored these three so I can't fully elaborate on it yet.

While I was out doing them quest, I checked my Status and I noticed that all my stats were 0. Hmmmmm... did I do something wrong? I'll have to check that! Anyway, you'll gain status points as you level up and you'll also gain skill points which is used to gain new skills and to improve existing skills. My knight started with 1 skill but once you gained enough levels and enough skill points you can visit any of the Class Masters for your new skills.

The monsters in Last Chaos are beautifully rendered. I was enjoying looking at them while my character slashed them to their demise. If you set your graphics setting to high then you'll truly appreciate how beautiful the environment is. The water looked like water! If you system can handle the high settings then you can also switch to 16bit mode with high settings and the game environment still looks amazing but with less color, still amazing!

16bit Mode 32bit Mode

I died a few times too and in my last death I went back to this particular NPC (arrgghhhh, forgot the name) to try the Personal Dungeon Quest. Your first quest starts at level 5. Now, the monsters are now much tougher than the ones in the first dungeon, I got clobbered. Next time, I'll bring a lot of healing potions. He he he...

Moving On...

I am currently at level 10 and my adventure continues. The game still has a lot more to offer, there are more quests to perform, more monsters to kill, more areas to explore and most of all more people to meet.

I enjoyed my first 10 levels in Last Chaos and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.... Visit Last Chaos now!

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