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Hero Online, My first look!!!

Downloaded, installed and played Hero Online today. I noticed that you can use your Legend of Ares account with Hero Online maybe because they are published by the same company, Netgame. Anyway, atleast you won't have to register again.

I played Hero Online upto level 7 last night. Started the client, logged in and created my first character. My first character is a Blade which I think is equivalent to a Knight. There isn't much options in the character creation process unlike that of other mmorpgs. It's basically select your class, name it and play.

Once in the game I immediately noticed that the graphics are crisps and bright which I find to like a lot although the BGM or background music is a little bit to ethnic for my taste. Character details for both PCs and NPCs as well as mobs are great. They are drawned pretty well.

What I did next was to talk to NPCs for Quest and other stuff but it seems that Quests have level requirements. At level 1, I tried to talk to every NPC inside Dragon Castle but found no luck so I moved out of town to fight my first monsters and they are the not so fierce Wolf Pup.

Combat is pretty straight-forward, click to target and click again to auto-attack. As a blade, I have a short sword and a two-handed sword at my disposal but unfortunately to use them I need to be at level 2. So, at the early stage of your life (level 1) you fight critters with your bare hands and legs. Don't think bad about it, the Kung Fu like animation while fighting is quite pretty good.

You're first quest will be awarded after you level up and it's a sucky quest. You'll be asked by an NPC to bring a Kitchen Knife to a blacksmith for repairs. Arrrgghhhh... NPCs are lazy bums and to think that the blacksmith is just infront of her. Ha ha ha!

Hero Online has some really cool animations like the ones for healing and changing to Combat to Non-combat stance and vice-versa and your attack animation changes or improves as you gain more levels. Some weapons and other stuff has both level requirements and status requirements so character building is also a factor that should not be overlooked.

One thing that suprised me during my play was the GM Quiz. A dialogue box will pop-out with a simple math problem like 1+1=?. Answer it correctly and you'll be given a prize. The prize isn't much really but I think it's a feature that'll be used for in-game events like a Question and answer Event.

Right now, I am still exploring the game but I suggest that you give Hero Online a try. Click here to visit Hero Online!

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