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Dungeons and Dragons Online, a quick look!

Okay, finished downloading that 1.7GB of installation file, installed the game and started playing my 7 days Trial of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach.

Opening screen was awesome, the character creation is great though I don't personally like the artwork, the movie for each class was amazing because it shows a sneak peek of what your character can become. After creating my character then it was time to enter DDO: Stormreach

My character started in a harbor. A port like town. You will also be greeted by an on-screen help system that will pop-up trying to annoy you but don't be annoyed because it gives you a lot of information about the game and where you are and you can always turn it off.

Control is WASD with mouse look. The in-game interface is quite user friendly and you can go over the different options/choices/menu using your mouse.

I got my first Quest in a Tavern which is just in-front of where you started. The quest is basically a form of a tutorial with a voice and text guiding you through it. I finished that and did some more tranings from trainors located in the area and after that I moved on to the next location/zone/map.

DDO's environment is great, awesome details but my problem with DDO is that I get this feeling of boredom while playing it. It didn't excite me like the way City of Villains did, like Guild Wars did the first time I played it. DDO felt gloomy and stale even with all those eye candy. I don't know, maybe DDO is just not the game for me but I'll still continue playing DDO up until my trial expires.

Anyway, I still suggest that you, as an online gamer, give Dungeons and Dragons Online a try. DDO may not be for me but who knows it could be the perfect game for you!!!

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