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Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord, Portals To Other Worlds Open [Press Release]

Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord, Portals To Other Worlds Open [Press Release]

Zaprešić, Croatia - 6 March 2024 – Get ready for a nail-biting journey as a missing person investigator in Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord Collector's Edition. Mysterious story takes the player on a mission to save the people of Atlantis by finding the elusive Anima Flower. Now available on Nintendo Switch!

The adventure begins as you search for your missing niece and her expedition in the mountains of Greenland. Little did you know that this search would lead you to open a portal to not just one, but three different worlds: Arcalium, Atlantis (also known as the Underwater World) and the Parallel World.

These worlds are finely balanced by the magical Anima flower, found only in Arcalium. The pollen from this flower is crucial to the existence of Atlantis, providing the oxygen that is vital to its future. Now, a mysterious outsider has stolen Anima, and it's up to you to track him down and return the stolen flower!

Key Features:

  • Find all the flowers growing in Arcalium to learn more about its flora.
  • Collect the pearls to decorate the house in Atlantis.
  • Learn what’s behind the theft of the Anima flower.
  • Restore peace between two parallel worlds in the Bonus Chapter.

Set off on an unforgettable adventure full of challenges, discoveries, and the search for the magical Anima flower! Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord Collector's Edition is now available in the Nintendo eStore.

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