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Jump Into the Fray: Arena Breakout's Loot Derby Kicks Off Today! [Update]

 Jump Into the Fray: Arena Breakout's Loot Derby Kicks Off Today! [Update]

Today's the Day: Conquer the Arena in the Loot Derby Event!

Step into the adrenaline-fueled Loot Derby, a cutthroat battleground where players are invited to clash in a relentless quest for supremacy, driven by the raw instincts of survival and the thrill of combat. 

"Gimme the Loot," crafted by Greggory “Eclipse Darkness” Covington, Alexander Hitchens, and  Universal Production Music, has been handpicked as the theme song for this event, but it transcends its role as just that. It is the heartbeat of Arena Breakout, connecting the emotional drive of the players with the game's immersive world. In a masterful blend, the lyrics seamlessly integrate the game's distinctive elements, creating an immersive shoot-and-loot experience that also channels the classic gangster allure of riches and power. This fusion skillfully transports listeners into the cinematic world of gangster hip hop, making them feel as if they're living within the narrative itself.

Arena Breakout, celebrated worldwide for its tactical depth and engaging FPS gameplay, challenges players to navigate the unknown, armed only with their wits and bravery in a world brimming with dangers and surprises.

How to enter: 

- Download Arena Breakout for free on iOS or Android
- Follow in game instructions
- Play qualifying maps five or more times

Loot Derby Creator Challenge

Head to the Arena Breakout Creator Hub to find out more on how you can win big money for showing off your loot! Create content showcasing your tactical prowess on YouTube and TikTok and you can be rolling in some real life rewards.

Get out there solider and make us proud!

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