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ASTLIBRA Revision, The Best JRPG You've Never Heard About [Press Release]

ASTLIBRA Revision, The Best JRPG You've Never Heard About [Press Release]

Monday 13th November, 2023: Today influential and leading China/Asian publisher Whisper Games, together with Japan developer KEIZO is excited to announce their acclaimed RPG title, ASTLIBRA Revision, will be released on Nintendo Switch on 16th November 2023.With community requesting a Switch release after its phenomenal success when it was released last year on PC, an added bonus is that the game will work with Steam Deck.

A Story that Unfolds

A familiar backdrop story introduces the game as the protagonist's hometown is besieged by demons, setting the stage for an epic battle against the demon king.

However, Astlibra consistently hints at a more intricate narrative beneath the surface. While the story may appear unremarkable  it gradually evolves into something unexpected and captivating. This subversion of traditional plot elements extends to the characters you encounter and recruit, endearing them to you as comrades.

Battle and Confront

ASTLIBRA Revision presents over sixty hours of exciting, action packed RPG gameplay as the protagonist in no man's land with a quest to find his childhood friend. In order to find her you need to traverse various locations - all expertly designed by industry veteran, Shigatake from Vanillaware.   Players can even  time travel to face dangerous and lethal God-like bosses. There are many unique challenges to overcome against these enemies.You must use your magical abilities or hack and slash with swords and master all manner of weapons as you fight to survive.  Explore meticulously crafted and dangerous worlds,battle onwards, and upgrade your skills to take down enemies lurking around every corner.

Venture Forth

ASTLIBRA Revision is broken up into multiple chapters as you join the leading character and Karon,his talking bird companion, as they confront time and their fate. Stamina, power and skill are essential as you aggressively face huge bosses that fill the screen  as a side scrolling action ceaselessly and fiercely continues. Collecting the  most appropriate weapons/equipment  is essential and strategic application is required to win a battle.

ASTLIBRA Revision, The Best JRPG You've Never Heard About [Press Release]

Facts & Features

  • Battles Galore with wide variety of enemies and bosses
  • Massive gameplay time - depending on the player's skill, more than 60 to 90 hours gameplay!
  • Unique and memorable experience
  • Magical Spells and Experience
  • 2D action, side-scrolling RPG 
  • Progressive gameplay
  • Large array of amour, weapons, shields, magic staves and projectiles
  • Crafting
  • Engaging Storyline 
  • Huge re-playability

An Amazing Fact!!

ASTLIBRA Revision is a side-scrolling action RPG which has  been in development from KEIZO,which is a one man developer, for 15 years -  14 years for the original game development, and 1.5 years for Revision. (.For the Revision version, the characters and some of the monsters were drawn by illustrator Shigatake. Dragon monsters are newly drawn by illustrator Haku Tatsufuchi.)

What the Media Said of the PC Release.

If you’re a fan of classic 2D adventures, Astlibra Revision offers a retro-inspired quest worth undertaking. 4.5/5 (Heypoorplayer) US

The libra of hope and despair... 2D action RPG "ASTLIBRA Revision": the journey of one person and one bird, now in various beautiful ways, embarks again.”( Game*Spark) Japan

Astlibra Revision looks bizarre, but when you play it, you'll see why it's become a huge hit on Steam. (PC Gamer) US

What looked like a shambling mess reveals itself to be a fast, focused and deeply compelling RPG with ambition and heart. It’s also packed to bursting with surprises. (PC Gamer) US

Astlibra Revision Review - The Best JRPG You've Never Heard About (Noisy Pixel) US

The game looks and feels like you’re playing an anime (complete with intro sequence at the start of each chapter) and the music is really hard not to rock out to. 9/10 (GamingNexus)US 

Astibra Revision is Compelling, Offering a Perfect Mix of Action, Stats, Management & Good Old Action-RPG - Plus MUCH More…………….

About Whisper Games

Founded in 2015, WhisperGames is a global video game publisher based in Xiamen, China. We provide multi-language text and audio localization services (including in-house voice over recording), PR, marketing, community support, maintenance, legal services, and more.

WhisperGames have developed strong partnerships in over 20 countries, and have provided customised publishing and localization solutions for over 150 video games.


A solo Japanese developer. It takes KEIZO more than 15 years to make ASTLIBRA Revision.

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