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Undecember » I Thought It Had WASD Movement Controls, I Was Wrong!

Undecember » I Thought It Had WASD Movement Controls, I Was Wrong!

Hey there, fellow gamers! So, I fired up the game in Undecember, thinking I'd give it another shot. It's been a while since my last playthrough, and I had this misconception that it had a WASD movement option. Turns out, I was dead wrong – it's a point-and-click game, not exactly what I expected.

As I ventured forth, I found myself completing various quests, including talking to NPCs and obtaining quest rewards. The game's interface led me to different skills and abilities, such as the "Cross Slash" and "Rapid Shot." While navigating the skills menu, I even stumbled upon something called "Fireball." Intriguing, right?

I was exploring Sunrise Hill, trying to figure out where to go next. My character's archer style had me thinking about the gameplay mechanics. It's funny how muscle memory makes you instinctively reach for the WASD keys in a point-and-click game!

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Now, looting is a big part of the game. It seemed like items were raining down on me. I couldn't help but wonder how "pay-to-win" this game might be, but I'm taking it casually, so no worries there.

As I moved through different areas, the game introduced me to various equipment and items. I sorted through them, considering their stats and potential benefits. Some were better than what I had, while others were just clutter in my inventory.

My character, seemingly unfazed by the never-ending stream of loot, continued on this epic journey. Throughout the adventure, I encountered various creatures and enemies, each providing a chance to test my newfound skills.

One thing that kept throwing me off was the WASD instinct. My fingers seemed determined to use them, even though I knew the game's controls were quite different. It was a constant battle between muscle memory and adapting to the game's mechanics.

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As I ventured deeper into the game, I stumbled upon a wide range of items, from shields and boots to rings and belts. Each piece of equipment came with its own set of stats and benefits, making the loot hunt all the more exciting.

Speaking of loot, it felt like the game's main focus. Whether it was defeating enemies, opening chests, or completing quests, the loot just kept pouring in. It had me wondering if this was the game's way of keeping players engaged.

Now, here's where I needed your help. I came across a feature called "Zodiac Traits" but didn't fully understand it. It seemed to involve selecting various options and applying them to my character, but I couldn't grasp the mechanics entirely.

I also encountered a quest that involved setting these traits. I went ahead with what I thought was right, but I'm not entirely sure if I made the correct choices. If any seasoned players out there have tips or insights on this feature, please feel free to share in the comments.

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