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Starfield's Speech System: 4x More Dialogue than Skyrim

Starfield's Speech System: 4x More Dialogue than Skyrim

Bethesda's highly anticipated game, Starfield, is set to feature an impressive speech system that will include over 252,000 lines of dialogue, according to a new video released by the company. This figure is more than four times the amount of dialogue included in Skyrim, which was one of Bethesda's most successful games.

Todd Howard, the game's director and executive producer, revealed that Starfield's speech system would incorporate his "favorite speech persuasion system," which feels natural and seamless within the game's dialogue. Howard explained that players will be able to spend points to persuade characters, which will feel like a natural part of the conversation, rather than a separate mode.

The game's speech system was demonstrated in the video, with the player character talking down a group of treasure hunters. During the conversation, players were given a choice of four dialogue options, each with different point values. The player's choice affected the conversation's outcome, with persuasion points being banked for use in future dialogue choices. The system includes a turn counter that limits the number of exchanges available to persuade people, adding an element of tension to the conversation.

Howard explained that the scope of Starfield's content, including quests and dialogue, is greater than anything Bethesda has done before. The team has gone back to a "classic Bethesda-style dialogue," with a focus on character emotion and depth. Despite the game's vast amount of dialogue, Howard believes that it has been carefully crafted to have a real impact on the player.

The speech system's impressive scale and seamless integration into the game's dialogue are sure to excite fans of Bethesda's previous games. The ability to persuade characters using points and the limited turn counter should add a layer of strategy to conversations and make for a more engaging experience.

While Starfield's release date is yet to be announced, Bethesda's new video has given fans a taste of what to expect from the game's impressive speech system.

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