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Rift » 15 Days of Free Patron Status and Bonuses!

Rift » 15 Days of Free Patron Status and Bonuses!

Hello fellow gamers! Gamigo, the MMORPG killer, is making headlines once again as it brings back its classic game, Rift, with a special offer for new and returning players. Starting tomorrow, players who log in to Rift will receive 15 days of free Patron status, which is the premium tier, until March 8th.

The promotion is packed with several bonuses that come with the upgrade, making it a great way to kick start the game. You can either continue with your old character or begin a new one as the bonuses offer a great head start. With the Patron upgrade, players get a 40% XP boost up to level 60, which can be turned off if you don't want to rush through. Additionally, you'll receive a 5% XP bonus on overlord, move faster with a mount speed upgrade, and experience faster mounting. The premium status also gives you an increased chance of better loot drops, and you can fast travel by teleporting once every 30 minutes from anywhere on the map.

Gamigo has also planned several server events during this time, including a 50% dungeon currency bonus from February 24-27th, and a +50% Planarite boost from March 3-6th. These events make the promotion even more enticing for players.

After a period of quiet time, Rift has picked up again with a series of smaller updates, the return of events, and a set of bonuses. Last year, Gamigo updated Rift with several patches and promised to continue working on the game. The return of Hellbugs and a refreshed Battle Pass were some of the other highlights at the time.

In conclusion, Gamigo is making sure that Rift remains a popular and engaging game for its community by offering new and returning players free Patron status for 15 days. With the set of bonuses that come with the upgrade, the promotion offers a head start to anyone who wants to begin playing Rift or continue playing with their old character. The server events make the promotion even more lucrative and add to the excitement of the game. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this promotion and experience Rift like never before!

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