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Eden Eternal Might Be Coming Back: Exciting News for MMORPG Fans!

Eden Eternal Might Be Coming Back: Exciting News for MMORPG Fans!

Hello fellow gamers! In February 2021, many of us were saddened to witness the closure of Eden Eternal, a beloved MMORPG under Gamigo's umbrella. But now, there is hope for its return. Redditors have discovered a new website from publisher X-LEGEND that seems to suggest that the classic game is making a comeback.

The original thread shared a screenshot of the game's website, which was reportedly only online for a few hours before going private. Currently, the website only shows a logo, but a reply to the thread has offered a mostly functional URL that interested fans can sign up for a newsletter. The same Reddit thread also shared a screenshot of a slide from what appears to be a financial report that targets a global release in the second quarter.

It is worth noting that X-LEGEND taking control of MMOs that Gamigo has culled is not unprecedented. The publisher has been granted stewardship of Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia, so this new information certainly tracks. Whether or not this is indeed the case for Eden Eternal is still unclear, but we can hope that X-LEGEND will bring back the game in all its glory.

For those who are not familiar, Eden Eternal is a free-to-play MMORPG that was first released in 2010. Players explore the world of Eden, complete quests, and battle monsters. One of the unique features of the game is the ability to change classes at any time, allowing players to switch up their gameplay and tailor their characters to their playstyle.

The news of a potential return of Eden Eternal is exciting for fans of the game who have been missing it since its closure. It is not uncommon for MMORPGs to shut down, but it is always disappointing to see a beloved game disappear. The possibility of its return is a glimmer of hope for players who have fond memories of their time in the game.

In conclusion, we can only hope that the news of X-LEGEND's possible stewardship of Eden Eternal is true. We will have to wait and see what happens next, but the fact that there is a website and a target release window is certainly encouraging. If the game does make a comeback, we can look forward to immersing ourselves once again in the world of Eden and all the adventures it has to offer.

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