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Skyrim Together Reborn Updated To Version 1.3.0

Skyrim Together Reborn Updated To Version 1.3.0

Let's see here. It looks like Skyrim Together Reborn had an update. The current version in NexusMods is now version 1.3.0. It has been a while since I last played Skyrim through Skyrim Together Reborn and, it was not because it was getting boring but it was mainly because I don't have the patience to wait for parties.

So, what were changed or added in this latest version of Skyrim Together Reborn? Well, the changelog is not very long and it listed the following which I'm not going to read but you can look at it and read it from your screen:

* Weather sync.
* A new combat targeting system.
* Skyrim Together Reborn Papyrus Extender.
* AES-NI is no longer a requirement to play.
* Item drops are disabled by default.
* Fixed a bug where everyone would transform into a werewolf/vampire lord if one player did.
* Fixed a bug where arrows would get subtracted multiple times on shooting them.
* Fixed a bug where corpses would have an unreasonably high amount of loot.
* Fixed the line endings on the server side loadorder.txt processing, so that mod policy can now be used on more systems.
* Conjuration magic, particularly summons, should not be hostile to other players anymore.
* Added a server command to set the time (SetTime).
* Stealing should not fine every player in the area anymore.
* The UI has received another series of reworks (font size, new server list UI, etc).
* The following languages are now supported and configurable in the settings: English, Dutch, French, German, Russian and Chinese.
* The "UI not showing up" bug should occur less often.
* Maxstdio value has been modified to allow for more mods.
* Fixed a bug where the health bar UI overflows.
* Party invites now come with a pop up.
* Server options can now be set from the command line.
* Reborn's death system is now made optional, which can be configured in the server settings. This should ONLY be turned off if you know what you're doing, and if you have a suitable death mod that replaces the mechanics. Reloading old saves every time you die will cause issues.
* You can now pickpocket other players again.
* A server side SetDifficulty command has been added.
* Docker now properly listens to "ctrl + c" for shutdown.
* Added a server option that allows people to sync chests in player homes (at the risk of losing the items in those chests, since long term contents of chests are still very inconsistent).

Anyway, I'm still very interested in Skyrim Together Reborn but I think I've played enough of it for now. I will continue to follow the updates and changes because this thing might just become a full blown MMO if it keeps on improving and more features are added.

As always, you can download the latest version of Skyrim Together Reborn in NexusMods and remember that it's FREE. If you paid for it then you got scammed.

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