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Ashen Empires, An Ultima Online Clone Old MMORPG

Ashen Empires, An Ultima Online Clone Old MMORPG

Ashen Empires is an old MMORPG. It was also described as an Ultima Online clone and, I guess, after playing it for an hour, I can see how it's similar to Ultima Online but it's not Ultima Online.

Right now, Ashen Empires is available in Steam and it's Free-To-Play. The download is not very big and the system requirements are  not very high which is not surprising because it's an old MMORPG.

In my first hour of playing Ashen Empires, I spent most of it hunting low level mobs like bats and snakes not to level up but to complete a weapon related quest. The two weapons that I tried were the Large Blades and the Crossbow.

Of course, those were not the only weapon related combat skills in the game. Based on the weapon trainers, the others were throwing weapons, small blades, archery, axe weapons, polearms, blunt and unarmed.

As for the graphics of Ashen Empires, obviously, the graphics were old school but I don't think it's better than Ultima Online. This is just me, I think Ultima Online looks better but I do find moving around in Ashen Empires easier.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue playing Ashen Empires but if I did play it again then, as always, I'll have a gameplay video in my channels.

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