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Skyrim Together Reborn v1.1 Update, Public Servers Search Fixed

Skyrim Together Reborn v1.1 Update, Public Servers Search Fixed

Skyrim Together Reborn, one of the features that was broken when it was launched was the ability to search for public servers. Skyrim Together Reborn v1.1 update is here and, now, Public Servers search just works. LOLZ!

Skyrim Together Reborn v1.1 Update, Public Servers Search Fixed

The v1.1 update for Skyrim Together Reborn was a very important update because it fixed a very important feature. It fixed the public server browser or public server list.

Before the fix or before v1.1, Skyrim Together Reborn players had to manually find or search for public servers to join. They had to copy and paste the server address into the address field and click connect to join the server.

With the fixed public server browser or list, players only need to open the public server list, find a public server they like to join and click on the join button to join the server. That is a lot of join in one sentence. LOLZ!

Joining a public server is a great way of experiencing Skyrim Together Reborn because it will let you experience not the good parts but also the bad parts of playing Skyrim together with a bunch of randoms from the internet.

Anyway, watch the video to learn more and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then post them in the comments section.

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