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Shroud of the Avatar Whale QUITS The Game!

Shroud of the Avatar Whale QUITS The Game!

While looking for interesting news or updates about Shroud of the Avatar, I stumbled upon a Shroud of the Avatar whale quitting the game. That's another whale out of Shroud of the Avatar. Maybe another whale will replace the quitting whale because if not then Chris Spears will be SAD. LOLZ!

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Shroud of the Avatar was a game marketed towards whales like Star Citizen, but instead of selling spaceships, it sold castles. I spent $25 USD to get the game during it's Kickstarter but many spent thousands even hundred thousands of US Dollars in this game.

Shroud of the Avatar was developed, made and released but it was never a finish or complete game. You can finish the main quest but it doesn't mean the game was in its complete or final form. A lot of things were added but still those things never made the game complete.

In time, even the most die-hard of supporters left the game and sold off their in-game assets.  Some made big bucks because they sold or cashed out early. Some broke even but many were not so lucky and lost money from the game. Although, many didn't care and just abandoned everything.

Those who did not abandon their assets in Shroud of the Avatar were still selling them and I found one selling a Duke Founders Pledge account worth over $14,000 USD. I could probably buy a small house here in the Philippines with that amount. LOLZ!

Anyway, watch the video to learn more and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then post them in the comments section.

P.S. Looking for a little help. I'm trying to connect my PayPal account to my Second Life account to enable withdrawal but I need a little bit of money in my PayPal account to complete the process. Sadly, my PayPal account is out of funds right now. If you can spare any amount then please send it as a tip here. Thank you for the assist.


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