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Starfield UI In Fallout 4 (Gaming / Fallout 4 Mod)

Starfield UI In Fallout 4

Starfield UI In Fallout 4

Another Bethesda Game Studios game that I like to play from time to time is Fallout 4 and, even though I like the game, I'm not a massive fan of Fallout 4's UI. For some reason, Fallout 4's UI just feels weird to me.

A few days ago, Bethesda Game Studios revealed Starfield to the world and it looked amazing. The graphics was better than Fallout 4 and Skyrim and the UI was sleek, simple and futuristic.

Fortunately for us Fallout 4 players, we can now enjoy Starfield's sleek, simple and futuristic UI in Fallout 4 thanks to a Fallout 4 Mod called Starfield Vibes - FallUI HUD Preset.

The mod is free to download from NexusMods and installing the mod is not hard at all. In fact, installing the mod was very easy, it was hardly an inconvenience. I just downloaded the zip file and installed it to Fallout 4 using Mod Organizer 2.

By the way, as the name implied, Starfield Vibes - FallUI HUD Preset, is basically just a preset for FallUI HUD which means you must have FallUI HUD installed before installing Starfield Vibes - FallUI HUD Preset. Both are downloaded from NexusMods.




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