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Star Citizen Sells Colors

Star Citizen Sells Colors

Star Citizen is a space mmo and it funds its development by selling spaceships but, not just spaceships, it also sells colors.

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Star Citizen Sells Colors

Star Citizen, I forgot that I'm also subscribed to it. So, I got the latest e-mail and it's about Alien Week which I don't really care much about but something did grab my interest and that was the Drake Mule.

According to the brief description and I quote, "it's a dependable workhorse with enhanced insurance to make light of the most arduous jobs." Basically, it's a non-combat ground vehicle used for carrying and moving things around.

To have a better look, I went to its webpage and it's a nice looking vehicle. It looks compact, functional and has six wheels. It has everything you could possibly want from a mini-space truck except maybe for how much it cost because it wasn't shown in the webpage. 

I may not have learned how much the Drake Mule cost but I did learn how much the cost is to change its colors and that is $3 USD. Star Citizen has found a way to monetize color palettes which is incredible because, if they expand this to include more colors then they'll have an almost unlimited source of income.

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