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Second Life Unveils Premium Plus

Second Life Unveils Premium Plus

Second Life is one of the older true metaverses out there today. The ones coming out are mostly scams taking advantage of the on-going metaverse hype. Second Life is free but it has a premium tier and they just unveiled another premium tier called Premium Plus.

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Second Life Unveils Premium Plus

From what I've read, launching on June 23, 2022, one of the oldest metaverse, Second Life, will introduce a new Premium Account Tier and it's called Premium Plus. Premium Plus is not a replacement for Premium. Premium Plus is a tier above Premium, obviously.

So, now we have Basic which is FREE, Premium which is not free and cost $100 USD yearly and now Premium Plus which is also not free and will cost a whopping $249 USD if paid yearly.

Obviously, the benefits of going Premium Plus are better than Premium. For example, the sign-up reward is 3,000 L$ instead of 1,000 L$ and the weekly stipend is 650 L$ instead of 300 L$. Free land is also twice as large and no fees when uploading textures, animations and sounds.

I won't list nor mention all the benefits or rewards of getting Premium Plus because it will make the video super long but there are more. In fact, I learned all of this from Inara Prey's Second Life blog. So go and check that out.

Unfortunately, this Premium Plus thing is not for me. I have no plans on upgrading my Second Life account to anything more than Basic which is FREE.

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