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Lost Ark Bans 300,000 Accounts

Lost Ark Bans 300,000 Accounts

Lost Ark Bans 300,000 Accounts

Lost Ark banning 300,000 accounts sounds amazing but is it really that amazing when, from what I've read, the bans were not even permanent. When I saw the headline, I was amazed but my amazement turned into a meh moment after learning those banned only got 3 days suspension.

Yes, repeat offenders were permabanned but the number of those permabanned was never mentioned. My guess is, the number was not significant enough to mention nor even headline the news story. Maybe they only permabanned 2 or 3 accounts. 

Those banned were involved in RMT or real money trading and botting which is a big problem for popular games like Lost Ark. Shroud of the Avatar doesn't have a botting problem because it only has less than 100 players playing. 




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