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Elyon SEA Close Beta Test

Elyon SEA Close Beta Test

Elyon SEA Close Beta Test

So, I was going through my e-mail when I saw this e-mail from PlayPark Inc. It was about the Close Beta Test of the biggest mmorpg of 2022, Elyon SEA which started on June 22 and will end on June 26, 2022.

Besides a couple of images and the dates of Elyon SEA's Close Beta Test period, there was a link or a button to download the game. Clicking on it opened the game's download page but I did not download the game.

I went to Elyon SEA's main website to learn more about Elyon and that's when I learned I wasn't really interested in playing the game. I felt I was reading information and looking at pictures of another generic mmorpg.

I also didn't want to download and install a 60 GB file only to uninstall it a few minutes later. Sorry, I wasn't excited nor was I even interested in giving the game a try. Besides, I'm not even sure if the game will run on my PC. So, I didn't bother downloading it.

Anyway, if you are interested and excited to try Elyon here in the SEA region then you still have a few days to play in the Close Beta Test of the game.

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