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What's In Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch 0.1.13 (Gaming)

What's In Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch 0.1.13 (Gaming)

Mortal Online 2 recently released a teaser video for it's Beta Patch 0.1.13. So, what's in Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch 0.1.13?

In Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch 0.1.13 you'll get furnitures and decorations, you're character will learn how to turn around counter-clockwise, you'll see rats learning how to look from right to left, there is also a rat swiping at you, an ogre-like monster running towards you, fishing, more decorations, an ogre-like monster breathing at you and a flast of light that turns into the Star Vault logo.

So guys, did Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch teaser video made you more excited for Mortal Online 2?  Post you answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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