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Space Ex Gameplay 2021 - Went Through Planet Bindu (Play To Earn)

Space Ex Gameplay 2021 - Went Through Planet Bindu (Play To Earn)

In this Space Ex gameplay, I took my spaceship out to open space and flew around. I flew my spaceship to an Asteroid Belt and flew right through a planet named Bindu.

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Unlike planets in the real world, planets in Space Ex are very weird. For example, I took my spaceship and warped to planet Bindu but, my ship didn't just arrived at planet Bindu, my spaceship went through it.

Inside planet Bindu is another planet like sphere. There was a planet inside a planet but both of them were empty spheres. There was nothing inside planet Bindu. At least, nothing inside was solid.

Trying to collide to planet Bindu is impossible because planet Bindu is a hollow sphere made of nothing. It's a sphere of nothing and inside it had another sphere of nothing.

Anyway, watch my gameplay video to find out more.


Space Ex is MMO “4x” type of game set in Pleiades star cluster where players compete with other players and alien races for control of resources and planets.

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Anyway, that's it for this gameplay and if you have any comments, questions, reactions or suggestion then post them in the comments section.

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