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A Castle Atos Story - Shroud of the Avatar

A Castle Atos Story - Shroud of the Avatar

After traveling across the entire continent of Novia, I finally arrived at my destination, Castle Atos.

I found Castle Atos between the towns of Soltown and Solace Bridge. I've traveled the road between the two towns multiple times in the past but Castle Atos was never there before.

I guess, it's safe to say that Castle Atos appeared from out of nowhere like magic.

When I arrived at Castle Atos, I was greeted by the Town Crier and, almost immediately, I noticed that Castle Atos was like every other place in Novia.

Castle Atos exists in its pocket dimension because when I looked aroud, the castle was surrounded by a very wide open field of nothingness. 

Inside the castle walls, I spent a few minutes running and looking around the small town within Castle Atos.

The small town was home to a few residents and, even though it was a small town, it wasn't lacking of anything important.

As I was looking around the small town, I found an empty tavern with a large hole on its roof, a stable with a couple of horses, a market area with merchants, an automaton sitting on a bench, a banker in a wide open building, children loitering in the dark and old people.

Inside the main castle grounds, I found a crafting area, a large snow covered christmas tree even though there was no sign of snow ever falling anywhere near it, two fountains with similar statues that gave amazing blessings, a large purple tree and guards with questionable salutes.

Now, the inside of Castle Atos itself was almost empty. I did find a throne with a fish symbol on it, a very nice looking chandelier and a large aquarium floor with sharks in it.

Looking from the outside, Castle Atos was a huge castle but a very large portion of the castle simply an illusion created by magic to make it appear grandiose.

Anyway, I traveled across Novia and searched for Castle Atos to complete a personal quest and that was to have a refreshing drink of water from it's very ordinary well.

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