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Housing Arrives In Mortal Online 2 (Gaming)

Housing Arrives In Mortal Online 2 (Gaming)

In Mortal Online 2, the latest patch came with housing. You can now build a house in Mortal Online 2 and having a house will open or unlock new things like chasing goats.

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Housing Arrives In Mortal Online 2 (Gaming)

Housing in Mortal Online 2 will allow you to claim land and build your house by hitting the foundations with your hammer and if you hit it long enough then the house will magically get built.

After building your house, you'll find yourself standing in your front door waving at someone only to get hit by a hammer on your head. So, never stand in your front door and never wave your hand at someone.

Your new house will also let you chase goats, fight giant fouls, have access to different faces, change your bodies and finally find yourself inside a dark cave that has a flashing light that spells Star Vault.

So guys, what are your thoughts about having a house in Mortal Online 2? Post you answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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