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New World, Still Frying GPUs (Gaming / MMORPG)

New World, Still Frying GPUs (Gaming / MMORPG)

These past few days, the game I've been playing is New World. It's an online multiplayer role playing game from Amazon Games.

Before New World's most recent launch, the game already had a history of frying graphics or video cards or GPUs for short and it was not just one or two incidents.

I won't go into details about those past New World frying GPU incidents on this video but you can easily find videos about it using search.

Now, those New World GPU frying incidents happened before launch and, I thought, they were already resolved or fixed by Amazon Games.

Unfortunately, based on this recent tweet, it seems that New World is still frying GPUs. According to the tweet, another NVIDIA 3080 went to heaven while running New World.

New World, Still Frying GPUs (Gaming / MMORPG)

Hoepefully, not all GPUs are affected but if your GPU is one of those affected then I suggest you either wait until everything is all clear before playing New World or just play Skyrim.

So guys, are any of you playing New World? If you are then have any of you experienced any problems while playing besides losing sleep? Post your answers, as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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