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New World, Player Permabanned For Going AFK (Gaming / MMORPG)

New World, Player Permabanned For Going AFK (Gaming / MMORPG)

Going AFK in an MMORPG is perfectly normal because players are people and people have other important things to do like going to the toilet or sleeping.

Some players like to keep their computers running with their characters in the game all day and all night doing nothing. They're just there doing nothing.

Now, in a server with limited slots, an AFK player is taking away that important slot from another player.

So, kicking AFK players out of the server is perfectly understandable BUT, perma banning players for going AFK, is not okay.

It's wrong and it's stupid because there are many legitimate ways WHY players go AFK.

For example, this guy had some pain and forgot to exit the game. When he came back, he found his New World account permabanned.

For a company, known for Social Justice, Safe Spaces, Fair Play and Virtue Signaling, where is the justice in that?

So guys, do any of you like to leave your character in-game while doing something else in the real world? Have you been banned for going AFK? Post your answers, as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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