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Shroud of the Avatar • Mining In Elysium Mines • 135 Silver Ores [Gameplay]

Shroud of the Avatar • Mining In Elysium Mines • 135 Silver Ores [Gameplay]

In this Shroud of the Avatar gameplay, I took my avatar back to Elysium mines to do some mining. At the end, my avatar mined 135 silver ores and 45 copper ores.

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My avatar spent around 30 minutes in Elysium mines mining for silver ores and copper ores. Elysium mines is my favorite place to mine silver ores because it's close to my home in Whyte Roc.

Previously, my home was Bladewyke but it was sold and now it's gone. I have no idea what the new owner did to it but I was evicted which means I was not welcome by the new owner.

It doesn't matter though because I already had a lot in Whyte Roc although I was also evicted because my lot expired for not logging in.

Anyway, watch my gameplay video to find out more.


Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a multiplayer fantasy Role Playing Game calling upon you to return as a fabled Avatar and quest to fulfill the paths of Truth, Love or Courage across a deep single player story. 

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Anyway, that's it for this gameplay and if you have any comments, questions, reactions or suggestion then post them in the comments section.

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