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Mir4 Draco Went To The MOON (Gaming / Play To Earn / Crypto)

Mir4 Draco Went To The MOON (Gaming / Play To Earn / Crypto)

Today, between 9 to 11 am, the price of Mir4 Draco went to the moon. It went as high as 2.45 US Dollars before dropping back down to earth.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of the sudden increase in the price of Mir4 Draco because I had no Draco in my WeMix wallet.

I had no Draco because I took a break from mining Darksteel and the reason why I took a break from mining Darksteel was the fact that the price of Draco was DIRT CHEAP.

Now, that was my mistake because I assumed the price of Draco will never recover and will just keep going down the drain but I was wrong because it suddenly went up for a while.

Well, after that sudden spike today, the price of Draco went down to 1 US Dollar but it went up again at around 8 pm and as of the recording of this video, Draco's price was at 3 US Dollars.

Anyway, if I had any Draco right now then I would have sold all of them and cashed them out but, since I don't have any, I can just make a video talking about it.

So guys, did any of you stopped mining Darksteel when the price of Draco went down hard? Post your answers, as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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