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Skyrim Fishing In Riften - Modded Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim Fishing In Riften - Modded Skyrim Special Edition


Bethesda is releasing a new version of Skyrim called Skyrim Anniversary Edition and it will have fishing as a feature BUT Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition already had fishing.

Fishing in Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition was added by a Skyrim Mod called Skyrim Fishing. With Skyrim Fishing installed, Skyrim players can enjoy fishing anywhere in Skyrim as long as there is water and fishes in the water.

With fishing coming to Skyrim Anniversary Edition, will it give a better fishing experience than the one provided by Skyrim Fishing? We will find out soon enough but, in the meantime, you can go to NexusMods and download Skyrim Fishing to add fishing into your game of Skyrim.

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