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Is Legends Of Ultima Better Than Ultima Online? - Legends Of Aria [Gameplay]

Is Legends Of Ultima Better Than Ultima Online? - Legends Of Aria [Gameplay]

In this Legends of Ultima gameplay, my Avatar had a very long conversation with Lady Julie about the Witch, the Dungeon Covetous and the danger that came with them. Also, a dog almost kicked my Avatar's behind.


My Avatar's adventure in Legends of Ultima started with a very long conversation. The conversation was with Lady Julie and it was about defending Minoc against the Witch.

According to Lady Julie, the Witch was seen entering Dungeon Cavetous and, I guess, she wanted me to go there and fight the Witch or, at least, the monsters inside. So, she was basically asking a Level 1 Avatar to fight for her.

After the long conversation, I did not take my Avatar to the dungeon but, instead, I made him fight a dog and the dog was destined to win because it was dealing more damage than taking them.

The dog was taking very little damage and, the reason was, my Avatar was using a pickaxe to fight it. Changing to a sword made the fight against the dog easy.


Legends of Ultima is a community server for the Legends of Aria game. We work to modify the game with the toolkit provided by Citadel Studios to be more like our favorite classic game, Ultima Online. The project is run by volunteers in our free time in collaboration with the players.

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