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Quick Review: X Survival, I Like The Game BUT Will Never Play It Again! (Gaming)

Quick Review: X Survival, I Like The Game BUT Will Never Play It Again! (Gaming)

Games where I can craft things and build houses from the ground up are games I like to play and, recently, I played a mobile game just like that.

The name of the mobile game is X Survive: Open World Building Sandbox and, thanks to its name, I don't have to explain what kind of game it is.

The game X Survive has three modes and they are Survival, Creative and Hardcore. When I played the game, I played in Survival mode.

X Survive has nice graphics and the controls are easy to get used to. I had almost zero problem building my base or house in the game. In fact, I quite enjoyed it.

X Survive is the kind of game I could spend a lot of time playing BUT, sadly, I stopped playing the game just after 30 minutes of playing and I will never play it ever again.

You see, I mostly play Free-To-Play games and I have no problems in seeing Ads in Free Mobile Games because game developers also need to make money.

X Survive has Ads and that's fine. The problem is, the Ads are Full Screen Video Ads and they appear from out of nowhere during gameplay.

The first time an Ad appeared, I was surprised. It caught me off guard but I continued playing.

The succeeding times the Ads appeared during gameplay became annoying because they were disrupting my game.

Unfortunately, I reached a point where I could no longer take the disruptions and just stopped playing. After that, I uninstalled the game and gave it a well deserved review in Google Playstore. 

Honestly, if only the Ads were not super annoying and super disruptive then I might still be playing the game but, I guess, it was just not meant to be.

So guys, did any of you try playing X Survive and if any of you did then what are your thoughts about the game and those annoying Ads?

Post your answers, as well as your, questions or reactions in the comments section.

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