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ArcheAge! Server Transfer and Name Change are BACK! (Gaming)

ArcheAge! Server Transfer and Name Change are BACK! (Gaming)

So, if you are getting tired or bored of annoying the same players everyday in ArcheAge then this news is for you because now you can transfer to a new server to annoy a new set of players.

Also, if your name is super popular in ArcheAge and it's giving you a hard time staying low key then all you have to do is change your name and problem solved.

Sadly, these services are not free. A Server Transfer will cost you 2700 credits and a Name Change will cost you 1400 credits. In other words, these services will cost you real money.

The Server Transfer and Name Change services also have some restrictions or requirements like a minimum level of 10, the transfer is not instant and a few others for Server Transfer.

For the Name Change service, a minimum and maximum character number on names and 30 days cooldown are just a couple of examples.

Anyway, for more details about the Server Transfer and Name Change services, just visit the Trion World's website. Link is in the description.

So guys, what are your thoughts about ArcheAge's Server Transfer and Name Change services?

Post your answers, as well as your, questions or reactions in the comments section.

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