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Let's Play Ultima Online (MobileUO) [EP 11] 🎮 HACHET FOUND 👏


Let's Play Ultima Online (MobileUO) [EP 11] 🎮 HACHET FOUND 👏

MobileUO - the first mobile client for Ultima Online! MobileUO runs on iOS & Android and enables you to play UO on the go.

In this Ultima Online MobileUO let's play / gameplay:

I played my first avatar and spent most of the time mining. My avatar was a warrior but I'm also training it on mining, playing music and fishing.

I didn't just mined for ores, I also smelted the ores that I mined into ingots and even crafted a few daggers. I then sold the daggers to a nonplayer character.

My other avatar is a lumberjack and I was always looking for a hachet but I failed to know where to buy one. Instead, my other avatar used a double axe.

#uorenaissance #ultimaonline #mobileuo

MobileUO is free. Free to download, install and play. Get MobileUO from GooglePlay and Apple AppStore. Also, visit IndieGala for more amazing games at super low prices (

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