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Let's Play Ultima Online (MobileUO) 2021 [EP 6] NOVICE LUMBERJACK

Let's Play Ultima Online (MobileUO) 2021 [EP 6] NOVICE LUMBERJACK

MobileUO - the first mobile client for Ultima Online! MobileUO runs on iOS & Android and enables you to play UO on the go.

In this MobileUO let's play / gameplay:

I created a new avatar abd this time my avatar is a lumberjack. My previous avatar was a warrior who loves to fish, play music and mine for rocks and metal.

My new avatar has a female form but that is just visual. Male and female avatars are basically the same with no advantages nor disadvantages between the two.

By the way, Ultima Online Renaissance has an annoying limitation when selling things. Players can only sell a total of five items at a time. I think this is fixed by creating a selling macro but I have no idea how to make one.

MobileUO is free. Free to download, install and play. Get MobileUO from GooglePlay and Apple AppStore. Also, visit IndieGala for more amazing games at super low prices (

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