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Let's Play Toram Online Mobile [Episode 3] GRINDING THE MINOTAUR

Let's Play Toram Online Mobile [Episode 3] GRINDING THE MINOTAUR

Toram Online Mobile is free-to-play non-autoplay mobile fantasy mmorpg from Asobimo. Toram Online is also the sequel to another Asobimo fantasy mmorpg callef Iruna Online which is also available in mobile.

In this Toram Online Mobile gameplay, I spent an hour battling the Minotaur. It was more like grinding the Minotaur for loot and experience.

Just like with other mmorpgs, grinding exists in Toram Online. I have no problem with grinding as long as players or humans are the ones grinding and not third party programs or bots.

Bots are very common in mmorpgs because they make grinding super easy. I'm not sure if bots exist for Toram Online. I hope not because it's not fun to play with bots.

You too can play Toram Online Mobile on your mobile devices for free. you can also play Toram Online Mobile on your computer using an Android Emulator like LDPlay. Download for free (

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