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Arrived at Seyda Neen by Boat, MORROBLIVION | Let's Play Oblivion (Modded)

Arrived at Seyda Neen by Boat, MORROBLIVION | Let's Play Oblivion (Modded)

Morroblivion is Morrowind and Oblivion combined. Morrowind recreated as an Oblivion Mod.

In this Morroblivion / Oblivion gameplay / let's play, my character went through Morrowind's starting scenario, a prisoner set free on a new land as ordered by Emperor Uriel.

My character spent a good amount of time running around Seyda Neen and talking to various town's folks. He was not just talking to them, he was also using pursuasion to make them more friendly towards him.

Venturing outside, my character met a couple of non-player characters and discoveted the town of Pelagiad. He also fought a few wild creatures when he was still outside of town venturing.

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