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Character Creation | EVIL LANDS Mobile MMORPG Gameplay

Character Creation | EVIL LANDS Mobile MMORPG Gameplay

EVIL LANDS is an epic multiplayer RPG set in a medieval world of fantasy battles and magic!

In this EVIL LANDS gameplay video, I started the game by creating a new character. The character I created was a male warrior and I named him MAN.

The EVIL LANDS character creator was very simple. I selected from only four character classes, picked a gender, skin tone, hair color, named my character and that was it.

After the character creation my newly created character appeared in a small village and started helping the villagers with their needs by accepting and completing quests.

My warrior fought skeletons, undead king, orcs and gathered herbs for the villagers. In return, my warrior was rewarded with great, gold, experience and other items.

Anyway, it was a good first EVIL LANDS gameplay experience. I just really need to get used to playing games on a mobile device.

Play EVIL LANDS for free on your mobile devices. You can also play EVIL LANDS on your PC using an Android Emulator like LD Player (

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