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Mount Trade-In NPC Delayed! Was It Deliberate? Shroud of the Avatar

Mount Trade-In NPC Delayed! Was It Deliberate? Shroud of the Avatar

The long awaited mounts are finally in Shroud of the Avatar and they were added in Release 83 which happened just very recently.

Unfortunately, only those who bought their mounts from the Crown Store were able to immediately enjoy this newly added feature.

Why? Because the NPC needed to trade-in Horses tamed from the wild into actual mounts was not included in the initial release but will be added sometime later.

Of course, players were talking about it in Universal Chat and one player said and I quote, "they did that on purpose so people will buy cotos and horses to start with... use people excitement to empty their wallets..."

Another player in Universal Chat said and I quote, "the delay was deliberate. They knew people would spend cash to get mounts now."

So, was the delay deliberate as mentioned by at least a couple of players in Universal Chat?

Who knows, maybe the Mount Trade-In NPC was just not ready for release but, since they already have working mounts added in the crown store, they went ahead with the partial release.

So for now, if you want a mount in the game then you have no choice but to spend the equivalent of $10 USD to buy yourself a mount from the crown store.

As for me, I'm not buying anything because I don't have any money. Sorry Shroud of the Avatar!

So guys, releasing the Mount Trade-In NPC at a later date on purpose or not? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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