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Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and, I just got this update from Elite Dangerous from my e-mail, it's about Elite Dangerous Horizons becoming FREE to all Elite Dangerous players. 

The e-mail update from Elite Dangerous said and I quote,

"Greetings, Commander 

From today, Elite Dangerous: Horizons is free for all players. Those who buy Elite Dangerous can download the Horizons expansion as an update at no extra cost.

In Horizons, you’ll experience a whole new angle on the galaxy with planetary landings, the new Scarab Surface Recon Vehicle, an all-new mission system and Commander Creator, and so much more.

With Horizons now free, millions of players can experience the wonder and excitement of the Milky Way together. 

We’ll see you in the stars…"

Obviously, this news or update is great for those of us who still don't own Elite Dangerous Horizons because we are getting it for free.

What about those who already owns Elite Dangerous Horizons? Well, the answer to that question is in the official website and I quote,

"For all our Commanders who have already been enjoying the Horizons expansion, you will receive the exclusive Azura Paint Job which can be applied to all 41 craft (38 ships, 3 fighters) in-game, as a thank you for your support."

So, those who already owns Elite Dangerous Horizons will get an exclusive paint job which means their ships will look different from everyone else.

Anyway, as someone who doesn't own Elite Dangerous Horizons, I'm very happy with this update.

So guys, are any of you playing Elite Dangerous? If you are then are you happy with Elite Dangerous Horizons becoming FREE for all players? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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