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SpaceX Starlink Internet Has LOW PING!

SpaceX Starlink Internet Has LOW PING!

SpaceX is not just a Rocket Launch Provider. Soon, SpaceX will also be an Internet Service Provider.

Recently, I came upon this video in Youtube by MikeOnSpace and the video has screenshots showing Speed Test results of Starlink.

Let's take a look at the screenshots.

Source: Starlink SPEED TESTS - Early results from the SpaceX Starlink Internet Private Beta

As you can see, the numbers shown in the Speed Test results varies but the one at the center shows a Ping of 21 ms.

For an internet connection coming from space, 21 ms is pretty good. In fact, even the ping of 94 ms shown in one of the results is still pretty good.

So guys, can SpaceX further reduce Starlink's ping? If they can then how low can they lower it? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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